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A PVC rubber keychain is a decorative accessory crafted from PVC or rubber material, designed to hang on a key ring. Standard key chains, made from silicone and durable soft rubber PVC material, possess both artistic quality and considerable longevity. Soft PVC and silicone key chains, made of silicone and flexible rubber PVC material, serve as effective promotional and marketing gifts.

It comes in diverse shapes, gaining widespread popularity. At R N Industries, we take pride in being the most quality-oriented manufacturer and supplier of silicone and PVC rubber key chains for businesses and corporate clients. With years of experience and a commitment to quality, we have established ourselves as a go-to source for clients seeking durable, attractive, and custom PVC rubber key chains. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift, a branding tool for your business, or a personalized accessory for your club or event, we’ve got you covered.

Silicone and PVC Key Chains – A Practical and Stylish Accessory


Silicone and PVC key chains are popular accessories known for their durability and versatility. Silicone key chains are crafted from a flexible, rubber-like material, making them resilient and resistant to wear. They come in various shapes, colours, and sizes, offering customization options. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, key chains are made from a plastic material that is tough, weather-resistant, and known for its vivid colour options. Both silicone and PVC key chains serve as practical and stylish accessories for keys, bags, or promotional purposes. They are often chosen for their ability to showcase intricate designs, logos, or messages due to their mouldable nature. These key chains are favoured for their affordability, vibrant aesthetics, and suitability for a wide range of applications. Their playful nature and affordability make them versatile across various markets. In contrast, silicone key chains serve as a testament to quality and meticulous craftsmanship. These key chains not only convey style but also provide a unique and thoughtful means to express care and appreciation.

Silicone & PVC Key Chains, a Popular and Perfect Brand Awareness Product


PVC rubber and silicone key chains are popular and perfect brand awareness products that are preferred by businesses and corporates to promote their brand and business. These weather-resistant and cost-effective key rings come in various shapes and sizes, providing ample opportunities for creative branding.

PVC key chains are particularly popular for promotional purposes and offer a balance of artistic quality and longevity. Both silicone and PVC rubber key chains are lightweight, making them convenient for everyday use, and their customizable nature makes them effective tools for marketing, branding, and personal expression, catering to a wide range of preferences and purposes. Some of the reasons behind their popularity include:

  • Endless Possibilities with Custom Designs: When choosing a custom silicone rubber keychain, the design possibilities are virtually limitless. We provide you the creative freedom to choose your keychain shape, size, colour, and imprint. You can incorporate your logo, artwork, or message, making each keychain a reflection of your brand or personal style.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting Rubber Keychain:Our key chains are made from high-quality silicone rubber, ensuring that they can withstand every day wear and tear. They are built to last, so your recipients will enjoy your custom key chains for a long time, providing ongoing exposure to your brand or message.
  • Cost-Effective Promotional Product: When compared to traditional advertising methods, custom silicone rubber key chains offer a cost-effective way to build brand recognition and promote your message. Also, with our most affordable rates, the keychain provides a tangible, long-lasting connection with your audience at a fraction of the cost of other promotional materials.
  • Cost-effective Alternative of Metal Keychain: Crafted from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a light-sensitive and heat-vulnerable white powder, PVC key chains offer a softer and more cost-effective alternative to metal counterparts. Their playful nature and affordability make them versatile across various markets.

Tips to Follow while Buying Silicone and PVC Rubber Keychain


When buying silicone and PVC rubber keychain you should consider the following tips for a satisfying buying experience.

  • Firstly, assess the intended use and environment to ensure the keychain material and features align with your needs.
  • Look for durability and resistance to factors like water, heat, and chemicals, depending on your lifestyle.
  • Check the customization options available, as both silicone and PVC key chains can be tailored to specific sizes and shapes.
  • Evaluate the design versatility, as rubber can achieve intricate geometric shapes, while silicone boasts resistance to moisture and temperature changes.

Additionally, compare costs and weigh the benefits against your budget. Prioritize reputable suppliers for quality assurance. Read customer reviews to gauge product satisfaction and durability. Lastly, choose a keychain that aligns with your personal style or brand identity, ensuring a visually appealing and functional accessory.

Why Choose R.N Industries for a Custom PVC Rubber Keychain?


Silicone Rubber Key chains are an ideal way to get your brand one step ahead of traditional promotions. We provide a customized keychain with your Brand Name, Logo, and Company information perfectly embossed in a high-quality finish. With the customized keychain we bring your ideas to life with high-quality, personalized keychain solutions. As a trusted manufacturer of custom rubber key chains, we are dedicated to helping individuals, businesses, and organizations create unique, eye-catching key chains that reflect their style and brand identity. Explore the possibilities and discover how our expertise can turn your vision into a tangible and versatile promotional tool.

  • The most convenient keychain design
  • Quality Products Only
  • Best Deals and Minimal Cost
  • Hassle-Free Delivery
  • Quick Customer Interaction service

Silicone & PVC Rubber Keychain Supplier FAQs


We, at R.N Industries, specialize in manufacturing PVC rubber key chains that are crafted from premium silicone rubber. Our PVC rubber key chains are designed to endure daily use, guaranteeing longevity. Built to last, these custom key chains offer sustained exposure for your brand or message, ensuring lasting enjoyment for your recipients.

We, at R.N Industries, offer endless design possibilities for custom PVC rubber key chains. Our creative freedom allows clients to choose the shape, size, colour, and imprint of their keychain. Clients can incorporate their logo, artwork, or message to make each keychain a unique reflection of their brand or personal style. Our collaborative approach involves understanding their vision, and our design experts are ready to assist in creating the perfect keychain design. Alternatively, we can bring existing artwork to life, ensuring their custom keychain meets their exact specifications.

Certainly, our production capabilities extend to crafting key chains in a diverse array of sizes and shapes. This flexibility allows us to cater to your specific preferences and requirements. Whether you envision compact and sleek designs or larger, more intricate shapes, our manufacturing processes are adaptable. We pride ourselves on providing a range of options, ensuring that your key chains not only serve their practical purpose but also align seamlessly with your aesthetic and branding preferences.

We incorporate advanced manufacturing processes to create custom-designed PVC key chains to ensure the highest quality. Our design experts help you create the perfect keychain design, which is turned into a mold to accurately replicate it across all the key chains. The highest quality silicone rubber is used to manufacture key chains ensuring both durability and flexibility. Every keychain passes through a rigorous quality check to manufacture key chains of the highest standard after which the products are carefully packed and delivered.

Our PVC key chains are highly durable and capable of withstanding various outdoor conditions. Their robust nature and weather-resistant properties make them well-suited for outdoor use. PVC’s resilience ensures that the key chains maintain their quality and appearance, even when exposed to elements like sunlight, rain, or fluctuations in temperature. This durability makes PVC key chains a reliable choice for those seeking long-lasting and resilient accessories for outdoor activities or promotional purposes.

Yes, all PVC-made products are water as well as fading-proof. It is one of the selling points of PVC rubber products.


One can be advantageous in using PVC-based keychains, as they are made suitable for multiple initiations, like logos, names, designs, etc. PVC items are soft, bendable, waterproof, and are known to be long-lasting. One can also make 3-D designs. PVCs are also die-made with multiple PVC layers.


Yes, one can make PVC rubber keychains in different sizes. You can design a custom rubber keychain into multiple shapes. One can also customize metal as well as PVC rubber designs in multiple sizes, shapes, colors, designs, imprints, etc.


You can apply a variety of artwork on your Custom PVC Rubber Keychains. These keychains are suitable for logos, names, designs, etc. PVCs are a known material for their soft, bendable, waterproof, and long-lasting properties. You can also have 3-D designs using die-made PVC layers.


Yes, all PVCs are weather-resistant and are durable enough for outdoor use. With its weather-resistant properties, PVC also becomes resistant to most inorganic chemicals. It is a highly stable product. Major PVCs are impact-resistant as well as fire-retarding. PVCs are also known to resist microbial growth.


PVC material is known for its flexibility and durability. The PVS can withstand any wear and tear due to everyday use. Therefore they are resistant to fading. Also, as PVC keychains are fading-resistant, their vibrant colors can remain intact over time.


No, PVC is one of the most harmful types of reusable plastic for both humans, especially toddlers, and environmental health. PVC is a soft and pliable material that uses a group of chemicals called phthalates for its synthesis.


Yes, the Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) keychains are durable as they are made up of soft and adaptable plastic. You can mold PVC into any shape. You can also dye them to any color or shade. You can PVC color ideal for extremely detailed as well as precise 2D/3D designs.


You will be surprised to know that the standard rubber keychain designs are allowed up to 12 colors. But if you are going for a premium rubber keychain, then you can use up to 15 colors.


Yes, the PVC material is a soft rubber. The safe environmental protection PVC soft keychain at R&N Technologies is certified by SGS. PVC is a safe and non-toxic material that turns out to be green and environmentally friendly. We can vouch for the material as it is harmless to the human body.


Yes, PVC material is best suited as gifts, as you can use them for both outdoor as well as indoors purposes. PVC keychains are used in offices to promote businesses as well as in tradeshows. You can play with a variety of colors, designs as well as imprints, to make a choice right for you.


People using latex products are not in vary to have the special care of PVC. PVC or Plasticized Poly Vinyl chloride is a durable and chemically stable plastic. The material is shiny on its surface, but very strong in its lower stretch. One can resist moisture to the usage of products in any condition.


Yes, the significance of customized and soft PVC Rubber Keychains and labels can be surprising promotional gifts for the parties. You can use PVC items as giveaways in the event to know the craft using them.


You can fully customize rubber PVC keychains to be colored as per your design. You also have full-color soft rubber PVC custom keychains to showcase your business organization. These soft rubber keychains are non-rigid and flexible items than metal keychains.


Talking about the comparison, the PVC rubber keychain is less expensive. The PVC material is lightweight in comparison to metal keyrings. Many custom PVC keychains come in vivid colors as per customers’ tastes.


PVCs are made up of Soft rubber. These soft lapel pins as well as key chains are not the traditional metal pins. These keychains are more fun and colorful. They have a soft-feeling along with being weightless for transportation. Many customers choose Soft PVC colors from the color book. The said item can be in transparent, neon, or glow-in-the-dark spaces.

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